Lockdown & Control Your Bin Rooms

Strata Garbage rooms are a notoriously difficult area to control and manage.

Preventing illegal dumping of rubbish and furniture in and around these areas in traditional ways doesn't work. From language barriers to ignorance the end result is everyone ends up paying. These costs can reach well into the 10s of thousands of dollars.

Blitz Security's Bin Enclosure packages are effective in reducing compliance breaches through access control and active CCTV monitoring solutions.

Education is the primary key and then when repeat offenders continue then using the Access Control audit trail combined with CCTV evidence track them down and follow up personally.

Our CCTV solution can actively educate each visitor by playing a pre-recorded message in English, Mandarin and Hindi advising of the garbage rules and bin room etiquette.

Talk to us about how our packaged solutions for your garbage room situation can help you reduce costs and prevent unsightly dumping of rubbish.