Active CCTV monitoring & Patrols

Put your CCTV system to work

Smart monitoring and security response deterrent

Break-ins are rampant right now but they actually never go away, they just target different areas. Criminals are pretty clever and the Police are doing their best to catch all of them but they are outnumbered.

If your building has been targeted recently it won't be the last time....

The solution

Active CCTV monitoring and patrol response deterrent is the key to reducing and stopping the likelihood of criminals targeting your building now and in the future.

Don't let your CCTV system go to waste, fully utilise it with active CCTV monitoring by trained professionals using state of the art Video Management Systems to verify suspicious activity at your building before quickly sending a patrol response to catch or scare away the thieves.

How does it work?

We use the revolutionary Network Optix Video Management System (VMS) to monitor and record your existing CCTV cameras.

This system can be retrofitted to your existing recording system for minimal cost or completely upgrade your main headend if needed - no need to upgrade your cameras!

Once NX VMS is setup our monitoring centre will start actively monitoring your site using a combination of AI and Machine learning with human verification before sending out a patrol.

But that sounds expensive!

It may sound expensive but it's actually not, some buildings are spending $500+ per day with on-site guards protecting their premises but with CCTV monitoring you only pay for the cameras you want monitored per month and for a patrol response if required.

It's the cost effective solution that will benefit your building into the future. And because it's month-to-month you can cancel anytime, no lock-in long-term contracts.

How can we find out more?

If you are a strata manager just click the link below and we'll book in a 30 minute video call to show you how this can benefit your sites.

If you are a resident, get in contact with your strata management agency to jump on a call with us.

Let's stamp out the break-ins together!

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