Comelit App user guide

Comelit IP and Wifi Intercoms are able to call to your mobile phone using the Comelit app available below, you will need to download this before you start:

There are two ways you can set up your Comelit intercom with the mobile app. Here are the instructions to connect your app and receive calls to your mobile phone.

Quick Reference Guide:

  1. Comelit App Launcher Icon
  2. Menu
  3. Door station view panel
  4. Optional actions / Quick call
  5. Status Indicator (Red = Offline, Orange = Connecting, Green = Connected)
  6. Site Switcher dropdown
  7. Menu and Settings (Not covered here)
  8. Door Station Camera
  9. Close Call screen
  10. Record Video/Audio
  11. Select Audio output on phone
  12. Unlock Door
  13. Call/Hangup button
  14. Mute Microphone
  15. Camera High Definition/Low Definition switcher

Intercom Type:

For a quick reference please see this article:

There are two main types of intercoms we install, these are:

Comelit Mini Handsfree

Comelit Maxi

Option A: Local Wifi Connection

This is the simplest way to connect to your unit monitor. To start go to your intercom monitor home screen:

Connect your Intercom to your unit Wifi network

  1. Select the Wifi Icon on your display unit
  2. Select your wifi name (SSID) and log into it using the your Wifi Password

Wifi Icon:

Pair your intercom with your phone

  1. Now Connect your mobile device to the same Wifi network
  2. Open your Comelit App
  3. Select the Menu > Site Switcher > Manage Systems

4. Click the Add New button

5. Select Door Entry

6. Select the Mini Handsfree or Maxi Option


  1. If your device isn’t showing in the next screen select the Click Here option to configure other Comelit devices
  2. Click Search for device
  3. Choose the Comelit Maxi or Mini Handsfree device you have installed


  1. Log a support call to us through your strata management agency

Option B: Centrally Managed Gateway

For most large strata buildings you may have a managed gateway device, this means that all your system connections are controlled and managed from a central location. The advantages are you don't have to setup your internet and pair your device with your intercom, this can be done for you.

NOTE: You can still have a local WIFI connection and a gateway connection to the same device if you choose to set this up but it isn't necessary to have both.

Blitz Security can invite you from here to connect to your unit. This just requires an email address for us to invite you to set up your account with.

You can send this to your strata management company who will forward to us to complete.

Then when you log into the mobile app with the same email address you will see the gateway to add into your system.

  1. Log into your Comelit mobile app
  2. Click the menu icon > Select the Site Switcher drop down menu > Choose Manage Systems

3. Click the ADD NEW button

4. Select Door Entry

5. Select the 1456B - Gateway Option

6. Then choose your registered device or unit name

7. Choose End to complete the setup

8. Now under My System you will see the main door station (RED)

9. Sometimes you might have extra options for calling, these will be located next to your Main Door station (BLUE) such as calling to other units or caretakers.

10. You can rename the My System site by going to the menu > select the Site Switcher dropdown 

11. Select Manage Sites > Select the site you want to rename > Rename to your liking 

12. You’re all set up! Now your intercom will ring through to your device when someone visits and dials your unit.


Q. My status indicator shows red

A. This usually takes a few seconds to connect to your device, please be patient and if after 30 seconds your status is still showing RED please log a service call with your strata management agent

Please try the tips in this video before logging a job with your management agent:

Q. My app won’t show the door station or says offline

A. Please make sure to allow time for the app to connect to the door station, check the status indicator and wait for it to go green before connecting to your door station.

Please see the tips above before logging a service call with your management agent.

Q. Can I let people through the door and in the lift from my mobile app?

A. Yes! But the visitor must call first. The lift is only activated when the door is unlocked when receiving a call.

Q. Can I view the door station without a call?

A. Yes! Just click on the door station from the app, you will be able to talk to visitors and unlock the front door/main entry as well. Please note the Lift call function won’t work unless the visitors call you first.

Q. Can the app control my home automation?

A.  Yes! But this needs to be an inclusion of your unit features. The Comelit system can be used to do much more than just answer calls. Please talk to your building developer or strata management agent for more information.