Comelit Video Intercom User Guide

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This guide is to help using Comelit Audio intercom systems. This particular document relates to the below devices but not limited to:

Mini Handsfree Video Indoor monitor

Maxi Android Indoor Monitor

Ultra Entrance panel

User Guide

Comelit button reference:

For a more in-depth guide see:

Answer Call

Unlock Door

Actuator #1 (Programmable function)

Actuator #2 (Programmable function)

Privacy/Do not disturb

To call a room:

Press the corresponding fixed button or dial the room number on the Main Door station keypad and press the CALL (bell) button

To answer a call from your unit:

Press the Answer Call button

To unlock the door:

During a call, press the unlock door button (key)

Programmable functions:

The two programmable actuator buttons can be programmed to unlock or trigger other devices. This requires setup via Blitz Security unless your strata has already included automation features in your unit. Talk to your building strata regarding your particular unit setup and what options you have to connect to the programmable function buttons.

Wait for approximately 1 sec. before pressing the same key again. Pressing the same key several times in quick succession will cancel the command.