Credentials Programming Template

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Credential Programming template

Need to request the programming of your swipe cards, remotes or tags? Easy peasy. Just download our template, fill it in and speed up the whole process.

Download our simple template here --> Credential Programming Template

Select File > Download and choose the format you prefer such as Excel Spreadsheet

download options in google sheets

Then fill in the details just like the examples in the sheet such as:


The generic building name or unit plan number for our reference.


This is the type of device which will be either card, remote or tag


The number printed on the card, remote or tag. If you don't have any in stock just order here for next day delivery!


The unit number where the owner lives.


The floor where the unit resides, this usually is the first two digits of the unit number ie. 1104 is floor 11. But this differs between different buildings.

Attach to an emails and send through to

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