Emergency assistance contact

Blitz Security emergency contact should only be used by Strata Management, Commercial property management or if instructed by these two entities or Blitz personnel. In an emergency during office hours or after office hours you can contact the below number to reach a Blitz Security support member or leave a priority message which a team member will call you back as soon as possible.

(02) 8880 6468

Please be aware that calling this number after business hours will constitute an on-call flag-fee and if a call out is required a standard call-out fee will apply. Examples of emergency/non-emergency uses are outlined below but are not limited to:

Acceptable Emergency Examples

  • Site is on a Premium maintenance plan; and
  • Complete site offline/shutdown
  • Multiple remotes/users can't access the building
  • Emergency Services require our assistance entering the building / any request from authorised emergency services
  • Roller door not working

Unacceptable non-Emergency Examples

  • Non-maintenance contract site
  • Programming request
  • Non-essential pedestrian door issue
  • Scheduled or timed activity not functioning correctly (unless it's an essential traffic access point and residents are stuck)
  • General enquiries / questions
  • Purchase of cards/credentials

Operating Hours

Business hours (Any calls): 7am - 5pm

After Hours (Emergencies Only): 5pm - 10pm

Blitz Security reserves the right to make changes to this service at any time. This service is reserved for maintenance contract sites only. This service is not a direct line to a Blitz representative and if a message is left a team member will make reasonable attempts to make contact. Blitz Security is not liable for any damage, theft or costs incurred associated with service degradation after hours. Should Blitz not be able to attend after hours we'll ensure a technician will be available the next day.

Thanks and any feedback or suggestions are welcome to ensure we are available when you need us.