Hanwha Wisenet Mobile User Guide


  1. Download the app from your app store:
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Wisenet Mobile by Hanwha Vision

Apple Store:


Android Store:


Once installed open the app and proceed through the followng screens:

Click Allow

Decide if you want to send them bug reports for improvement, if not change ON to OFF and click OK

Leave Hardware Decoding ON and select OK

Select While using the app and select OK

Review the App Permissions information and select OK

Select DO NOT SHOW AGAIN and then click OK

Scan the QR code you recieved via email with these instructions

If successfull you will see the ID of your system apear (green arrow), the NEXT button will be available now so click to proceed

Type in the username and password we sent you in the same email as the QR code, click OK

This registering process can take up to 5 minutes. If it takes any longer then cancel, check your username and password and resubmit. Please be patient as it does take a little while.

Once the registration is sucessful the orange button will show OK, click this to proceed.

You will now be taken through the "How to use" sequence on using the app.

Downloading Footage:

  1. Viewing window
  2. Navigation bar
  3. Playback controls
  4. Options Menu
  5. Export

To download any footage start playing back video (3.) at the time you choose by sliding the green bar (2.) left or right.

To choose the section click on the Options menu (4.) and select the Export icon.

Use the orange selection guides (2.) to choose the section you would like to export.

Click the Export button (5.) and