Hikvision Intercom User Guide

Using the Hikvision Room Station (Non-touch screen)

Hikvision room station (Non-touch screen version)

1. Time and information section

2. Turn screen off

3. Warning section: pictured is Door station warning - something is incorrect with the door station (not visible otherwise in normal state)

4. Messages

5. View door station camera

6. Dial / call log

7. Settings menu

8. Call Elevator to your floor (Not available in Aus)

9. Call concierge / reception (optional)

Button Panel:

1. B1: Return Key

2. B2: Direction Keys▲and◄/Unlock Key

3. B3: Direction Keys▼and►

4. B4: Confirm/Select key

Indicator panel:

1. Power Supply Indicator 

2. Information Indicator

3. Alarm Indicator

To Receive a call

When receiving a call, press the B4 to answer. 

Unlock the main entrance door

During a call press B2 button to unlock the door and lift. 

General Navigation

Home screen

Pressing B2 or B3 button will move a blue selection box highlighting the current menu option.

B1: Back

B2: Up/Previous

B3: Down/Next

B4: Confirm/Select

In a call

B3: The third 'Camera' button can be used to cycle through options 

B4: Use to select an item.

Using the Hikvision Room Station (Touch screen)

(Coming Soon)

Using the Hikvision Door Station

(Coming Soon)