Hikvision NVR User Guide

NOTE: We no longer install dedicated NVR systems such as the Hikvision NVR, instead we now use the more flexible NX VMS system. The images and instructions here might differ bewteen models.

Playback Recorded Video

1. Go to Playback.

2. Select one or more cameras in the camera list.

3. Select a date in the calendar.

4. Click Play on the toolbar to start playing the video.

5. You can use the toolbar in the bottom of the playback interface to control the playing and perform a series of operations.

Image might differ between models

Editing & Saving Video Clips

You can take video clips during playback and export the clips.

1. In Video Playback mode, click to start the video clipping operation.

: Set the start time and end time of the video clip.

: Export the video clips to the local storage device.

Searching and Exporting Video Files

Searching Files

Specify detailed conditions to search videos and pictures.

1. Go to File Management > All Files.

2. Click Advanced Search in the menu bar to specify detailed conditions, including time, camera, event type, etc.Figure 10-1 Advanced Search

3. Click Search to display results. The matched files are displayed in thumbnails or a list.

4. Select Target Picture or Source Picture in the menu bar to display related pictures only. Select Video or Picture to specify the file type.

• Target Picture: Display the search results of vehicle close-ups.

• Source Picture: Display the search results of original pictures captured by the camera.

• Group: Sort the search results by the selected item.

Exporting Files

Export files for backup purposes using a USB device (USB flash drive, USB HDD, USB optical disc drive), SATA optical disc drive, or eSATA HDD.

1. Search for the vehicle files to export.

2. Click files to select and click Export.

3. Click OK to export pictures to the backup device.