NX Witness User Guide

NX Witness is the controller application to the NX VMS (Video Management System). With NX Witness you can connect to any shared site and review CCTV footage, export video and much more.

Here's a quick getting started guide to working with your new NX Witness software.

Download the software

NX is available for most platforms, go to nxvms.com/download to download the latest version. Here's a breakdown of the different software types and it's purpose:

Desktop Application

Used for all video archive review, live video feeds and exporting.


Application to record footage from any camera to a hard disk drive. Only download if setting up a new system or adding to existing system.


Used for quickly reviewing footage or seeing live video feeds from Apple or Android phones.

Create your NX Cloud account

When you first open up your NX client (mobile or desktop) you will see a cloud icon in the top right hand side of your screen.

Click on the cloud icon and then select Create Account (if you already have an account you can log in and skip this step)

Create your new NX Cloud account, verify your account via the email you will receive then come back to the NX Witness application and log in. You will then see the sites you have access to.

Invite people to your site

Inviting external people such as law enforcement or a colleague to help review footage is super simple in NX Cloud, see the instructions below on how to do this and quickly review footage in the NX Cloud web portal or the NX Witness desktop client.

A site is where one or many servers are recording footage from the CCTV cameras, you can easily invite anyone to review footage or help manage the sites cameras.

From the Desktop application:

Launch NX Witness and right click on the Users > New User option

Always add a cloud account. DO NOT USE LOCAL ACCOUNTS.

Enter the email address and choose the Role. Details on roles and access levels are in the section below.

From the Web:

Go to nxvms.com and log in with your NX account.

NOTE: If you don't already have an account just email admin@blitzsecurity.com.au and we'll invite you or if we've already done that go here to create your account and download the apps.

Then click on the site you would like to invite someone to (if you only manage one site, you'll only see one tile here):

Then in the Settings tab, select Users and click ADD USER

Enter the email address of the invitee and choose the level of access you would like them to have, in most cases Viewer is all they need to review video.

Roles & Access Levels:

A role is just a group of access levels. You can create different roles allowing users differnt access such as certain cameras or only see 1 camera in live view etc. Below is a list of standard roles available.


This gives unrestricted access and should not be used unless giving ownership to the invitee

Advanced Viewer

Enables viewing of video and control of Pan, Tilt or Zoom controls for PTZ cameras


Enables viewing and exporting of video

Live Viewer

Allows viewing of the live camera footage only, cannot see the archive video


Allows access to the custom set features - access levels in the NX Witness client to set this up.

Quickly review footage

See our guide to quickly review footage