Replacing the battery in your garage remote

Replacing the battery in your Blitz garage remote is pretty simple. You need a small Philips head screw driver and a new CR2032 battery. These are available as a kit on our website - - for strata management agencies, or if you're a resident please purchase from your strata manager. You can buy separately from Bunnings, Kmart, service stations etc.

1. Locate the two small screws on the back of the remote at the top and bottom and unscrew using your small screwdriver.

2. Push the battery out using your fingernail or gently with the tip of the screwdriver.

3. Dispose of the battery appropriately and immediately (do not leave unattended around children!!).

4. Slide the new battery in place with the flat side facing up.

5 Line the buttons with the rubber insert sections then snap the two covers together and insert screws