Protege Security & Access Control System User Guide

Here is some tips on general usage of your Protégé WX access control system which we only recommend under strict guidance from a Blitz Security technician.

Failure to follow the below recommendations and instructions will lead to inconsistencies and potential problems with your access control system and may require a full audit and reprogramming to repair which can be costly.

For more in-depth usage we recommend consulting with one of our Blitz Security technicians and discuss options to help you manage your access control system moving forward.

Programming a User

See the video below to program a user, please note Blitz Security use the following naming standards for a good reason. We strongly recommend keeping these standards if you are going to contribute to managing the access control system.

[Type] = Either Remote, Card or Fob to prefix the credential number, this is a verification measure to ensure the user is presenting the correct item when troubleshooting.

[CN] = Credential Number ie. the last 4 digits printed on the remote, card or key tag

[AD] = Address or Unit number of the apartment ie. U602 if the unit title address is 602/15 Somewhere street. If this is a business installation then use the Persons Name here instead.

First Name: [Type] [CN]

Last Name: U[AD]

Full Name: (auto generated from Fname and Lname)

Blitz Security will program the cards in when purchased and this is the standard we follow, if you were to add a user in manually for any reason please keep to this standard to help with verification and auditing of the accounts in the future.

Disabling a user

To disable a user the recommended way:

  1. Remove the Access Level
  2. Select Disable user from the options menu

Importing users in bulk via CSV file

Importing many users at once is very simple in Protege WX. We have a template file available here:

Import Users Template:

Make a copy of this or download as a MS Excel file.

Programming Holiday Schedules