Using Mobile Keys with Saflok Readers

Saflok Access Control is a contemporary system designed for hotels and residential strata.

Mobile keys or mobile credentials is a seamless way to enable unlocking of your doors, lifts and common areas by using your mobile phone.

Requesting Mobile keys

First step is to request a mobile key, this is granted by your strata management agent or building manager.

The information they need is:

  • First Name
  • *Last Name
  • *Mobile Phone Number
  • Email Address

*These two items need to be spelt exactly the same (case sensitive) in the system when creating your key and in the app when you’re creating your account.

Get the app

The mobile app is called Dormakaba BlueSky Access

Download the app from the relevant store links below:

Using Mobile keys

Once your account is created you will need to wait for your key to be sent to your mobile device. 

To check if your mobile key has been received:

  1. Select the Keys menu
  2. Enter your password you created at the start
  3. Ensure you either have a relevant staff key or key with your Unit number selected.

NOTE: If you don’t have keys listed then be patient, they will arrive soon!

Using your mobile key to access

  1. Open your app
  2. press the key button in the middle of your screen
  3. move your phone over the reader until the orange light flashes
  4. You can move your phone away
  5. Wait a few seconds and the green light will flash and the door will unlock

Note: as soon as the orange light flashes you can move your phone away from the reader.

Please see the below video for help as well.