July 12, 2021

Backup, Backup!

Last Updated on:
July 12, 2021

We all know backups are important but how many think backing up your CCTV is important?

Well to be honest nobody thinks about it until it's too late, and lately it's been just that.

Thieves have been targeting strata's with the objective of removing all evidence of their unauthorised visit. Yes! they have been removing the CCTV recording system in secured locked fireproof rooms.

This is an unprecedented level of boldness and time to rethink how we manage CCTV footage. At Blitz we're always looking to innovate and improve on existing systems which is why we standby our choice of recording solutions - NX VMS.

With NX you can setup a separate storage device and use it as a backup device in a few simple clicks. We've been working on a simple onsite solution that can plug into our existing camera network and backup a minimum of 1 weeks worth of footage.

Using a Network Attached Storage device in a secondary secure position within your complex we can ensure the moments the intruders were in your building are safe and available to recover should they find the CCTV system location.

If you're concerned about your CCTV solution please get in touch with us, and if you don't have an NX system then let's get you a quote to upgrade - the future is about having useful security and access control.