May 4, 2021

Slicker than your average

Last Updated on:
May 4, 2021

Moon landings, battery powered cars, Internet via satellites and now Ultra.

The world is driven by innovation and it's only getting exponentially faster with leaner manufacturing processes and inexpensive technology components the world is moving at lightning speed. None more-so than Comelit, they've been squirrelling away working on their products behind the scenes with the aptly named Ultra. This new modular intercom door station is jam packed with innovative ideas from changing the labels to upgrading internal components without requiring an entire system overhaul.

With it's sleek slimline designed panels and bezel coupled with the Comelit App and internet connectivity it resembles the Tesla of the Intercom industry - but without the tweets. Pushing the boundaries of intercom design and functionality the Ultra looks like it's going to make waves across Australia from small low-budget installations to large multi-story multii-building precincts - this intercom system can do it all. Blitz Security will be one of the first to review and install the premium touchscreen system into our Braddon 2020 project when it lands shortly in Q2 of 2021.

We'll be doing a full rundown and intro into this exciting piece of technology with some installation videos into our B2020 site coming later this year. Stay tuned!