June 9, 2021

Mondiaux & Blitz: Securing your sites

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June 9, 2021
Security Guard response to a situation

Blitz Security is proud to deliver a service in partnership with Mondiaux Security providing CCTV monitoring and a physical response to suspicious activity. Together we aim to reduce property damage, theft and trespassing across Canberra and beyond.

Our new collaboration service combines the cutting edge NX VMS CCTV technology that we install with good old fashioned people-power security service to give strata communities peace of mind and an unprecedented level of response and safety.

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Introducing Mondiaux Security

Established in 2009, Mondiaux Security is a Canberra based company that delivers security services with quality, responsibility, and passion. 

Their security experts have experience in coping with all kinds of emergency and security issues and can fully cater to the requirements of different businesses and industries. They have established partnerships with both Federal and State Government bodies for more than four years. 

Their team has earned the privilege to be the primary and secondary service provider for ACT government departments and ACT private sector organizations.

How does it work?

Our combined service will monitor your nominated cameras’ CCTV footage during the contracted period and if any suspicious activity is sighted a patrol will be dispatched to your premises. This activity will promote active surveillance and response practices reducing the likelihood of return visits.

This solution is designed to be the middle-ground between the expensive active patrols and legacy security monitoring services. You're billed monthly for the monitoring on a per camera basis - so only pay for cameras you want -  and then a response fee only if a patrol car is dispatched.

Monitoring Centre

If you're interested get in touch with us and register your strata. More information will be sent out to our Strata Management clients in the coming days - Let's stomp out theft across Canberra together!