September 6, 2020

Upgrade your tired garage system without replacing anything

Last Updated on:
April 30, 2021

Upgrade your tired garage system without replacing anything

If your garage remote system is causing you issues then you need to read on. Whether your strata is brand new or decades old, the garage roller door is the most commonly used piece of hardware in any strata building.

The garage is also the place where you keep your most expensive pieces of equipment - your car, furniture, bikes....

Your car park stores the most expensive possessions but is usually the last place for tight security practices.

Imagine this, someone in your complex has lost their remote but to get a new one it’s expensive because the door manufacturer orders the remotes from a 3rd party AND they have to be onsite to code it into your system which could take weeks..... Ouch!

Theft in residential stratas is extreamly common and increasing every year.

Now imagine that the lost remote was actually stolen, the criminal now has access to your entire garage and can take anything they can fit out of the large roller door …. That’s basically everything including your car. 

The garage remote system to fix all garage remote systems 

This is one situation in many that we have aimed to solve for all residential complexes - we want all garages to be more secure, less expensive for remotes and have better managed systems in place.

So we fixed it.

We’ve been in business for over 10 years and collectively we have over 30 years experience installing security and access control systems.

We created a revolutionary garage remote system that can be easily installed in any new or existing building giving residents faster delivery, cheaper remotes and strata management agencies more granular management and auditing.

Our upgrade system is easy to install and works with your existing motorised door system

Our upgrade system can be retrofitted to any existing auto door motor giving you a simple upgrade without needing to change any of the existing infrastructure keeping the costs low. And because it works without impacting your existing system, your garage remotes can be transitioned gradually working in tandem with your old remotes to make for a smooth transition.   

Do you remember the days when strata garage remotes took weeks to arrive and then if a resident lost them all the remotes for that block (or worse the whole building) ... Those days are gone. Our system is remotely managed so we can deactivate a remote in minutes and activate a new one straight away keeping your garage secure and your residents stress free.

A better way to secure your communal garage area

We manage apartment buildings all over Canberra and the ACT Region in partnership with leading management agencies such as:

  • Vantage Strata
  • Civium
  • LJ Hooker
  • Independent
  • Raine & Horne
  • Signature
  • City Strata
  • + many more

providing periodic reports, auditing, maintenance & servicing and much more to keep their clients happy and secure. Our systems are connected to our 24/7 reporting system allowing you to stay connected with events so you're kept aware of any system alerts and our system can be shared to your nominated EC members should you want to self manage.

Securing large multi-story residential buildings is what we do!

We support you afterwards as well

We don't just install a product - we support you afterwards with our range of proximity cards, garage remotes, RFID tags and more. Unlike most of the door control suppliers, we control over 80% of our supply chain so we have stock ready to go when you need it most. And in most cases we provide you with enough stock to keep you going so you aren't waiting for deliveries.

Blitz security supply chain graphic
We control most of our supply chain so you aren't waiting weeks for 3rd parties to deliver your stock

It's not just for residential garages - commercial garages can get the benefits too!

This system is also suitable for commercial garages too! We can interface with boom gates, roller shutters, security bollards and more.

If your garage security has been compromised or if you're worried it might be because of a lack of security please contact us directly or your strata management agency to arrange a quote to have your motorised garage door system upgraded to 21st Century standards - easily!