Ready-to-use Access Control Systems

A custom prefabricated system just for you

The largest cost to any project is labour, with construction projects there are multiple disciplines all working in the same space usually doing similar activities, electrical, data, TV, access control, intercoms, CCTV, NBN and more. All these teams running cables in the same area at the same time.

What if you could save on the access control system and intercom labour by running the cables for them?

Sure but then you still need another team to fit off the rest of the system don't you? Nope.

Blitz Security is changing the game of Access Control, Intercoms & CCTV Installations.

Our prefabricated access control systems are built to your specifications, and designed for your project and shipped to you ready to install.

Our modular system allows for rapid design and configuration while using ICT's Protégé enterprise level integrated access control, intrusion detection, and building automation systems so you know you're getting quality and ease of use.

With an easy to use interface and standardised termination we'll design a system for any or all of your projects in a standardised modular enclosure - all you need to do is cable the site and terminate in our simple termination header.


With up to 12 doors per enclosure these are modular and easily configurable and if you need more just add in another enclosure with up to another 12 doors - all ready to go with terminals for all your site cabling.

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