Active Construction CCTV


Temporary or tong-term CCTV for your construction sites

Construction sites are very lucrative for theft and extremely attractive for crime. Let's reduce this on your sites with active and visually detering CCTV solutions.

With dual, industry-leading security cameras delivering 4K resolution and high-definition wide-angle viewing your construction site is under complete surveillance - day and night.  

Self-monitoring is available with instant push notifications and live or historical streams on your mobile or computer. Or enable our professional control room to monitor your cameras 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Easily scalable CCTV for construction sites


Cloud enterprise solution that's accessible anywhere

NX camera solutions and apps

Our state-of-the-art video monitoring systems are modular and offer enterprise features across multiple platforms.

Our range of high-definition cameras to suit day or night vision situations, or upgrade with number plate recognition (NPR) or AI human/face detection paired with our web-based monitoring system and active patrols will make your construction sites a security fortress.

Don't ever be in the dark with what's happening in your sites again.

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