My garage remote is not working

Garage remotes can stop working at lots of different times, they are subject to many different stresses but we use hardware that is very robust so below are the most common reasons why your remote has stopped working and how to resolve this.

  1. Battery is dead

The most common reason why a remote stops working is the battery has been depleted. See our help doc below about how to replace your battery. This should always be the first option to try just to make sure that the remote has adequate power. Your strata manager is supplied with batteries and tools from Blitz so ask them for assistance.

Quick test

If you press the button or both buttons at the same time a red light should flash or stay on for 30s. This means there is power in the remote but it may not have enough to transmit from inside your car or at a distance.

The video below will show you how replace the battery:

  1. Moisture damage

This is not something easily fixed but there are ways to try to extend the life of your remote. If your remote has been exposed to moisture then placing the remote in a bowl of rice overnight will help evaporate all the moisture away and dry it out.

If you open your remote to change the battery, check the circuit board for signs of corrosion and rust. Kind of like white deposits on the board or metal parts with a red rust layer.

Corrosion including rust
Signs of moisture deposits

  1. Physical Damage

If the remote looks like it's been physically damaged then it could have broken the circuit board inside, this is irreparable and needs to be replaced.


If your remote is not working first step is to replace the battery, if it's still not working then please contact your strata management agency and arrange a replacement. If the item is not covered under warranty then this will be replaced at cost. If the remote is deemed under warranty then Blitz will replace the strata managements stock free of charge.


Blitz will honour the warranty of remotes in the following circumstances:

a) the remote is in good physical condition (it's not excessively worn)

b) the remote has had it's batteries changed correctly

c) the remote does not have signs of water ingress or corrosion

d) the remote does not have signs of external impact and/or internal damage

please talk to your strata management agent about any issues with your garage remote.