Setup mobile credentials for your Protoge system

Mobile Credentials are required for NFC or Bluetooth building access via tSec card readers (like a swipe card or remote). For security system management only please see instructions here.

Using your mobile phone to access your building is very convenient and at the very least, a great backup for when you have left your access card at home. Included with the new tSec card readers is NFC and Bluetooth to make entry seamless with a tap or if in range of the building.

Purchase Mobile Credential licences

First please purchase some mobile credentails from our sister site

Download and setup your app

Setting up mobile credentials is pretty simple, first download the ICT Protoge app from your app store:



Then create an account using any of the 3rd party providers (no password needed) [red] or create a generic account with username and password. [blue]. More detailed instructions on setting up your application can be found here.

ICT Protoge app login or signup screen
Sign up options

Then just email the team here at with the email address used to sign up and we'll apply your purchased credential to your account.

Managing your mobile credentials

If you purchase your mobile credentials in bulk we'll assign them to you or a nominated person on your team, then you are free to distribute them as you need. You will receive an email stating you have had mobile credentials assigned to you with a link to setup/login to your web account.

To log in just go to and sign in using your previously created app account.

NOTE: if you used one of the 3rd party login apps (Google, Facebook, Twitter) then you will need to select the Forgot Password option as this site isn't able to use 3rd part logins (sorry not our fault)

here you can reset the password to enable you to login to this management portal. Don't worry it won't affect your mobile login.

Assigning Credential licenses

Once logged in, just click the Issue Credential button

Then type in the email for the user you are issuing this license to.

Change the license owner (Reissue)

Click the Reissue Credential button on the license that you want to give to another user, then type in the email address and any notes, then click reissue.