Maintenance & Servicing

It's the after-thought that counts!

There's nothing worse than being given the keys to your new Lamborghini but there isn't anyone to service or support you after the initial sales.... we've all been there!  :)

Our renowned after sales service and maintenance packages are designed so you can rest easy knowing your system is being cared for and help is there when something goes astray.

We can count - One, two or four

Choose the package that suites your needs and budget, we'll attend your site for a full health check-up once, twice or four times per year.

Our crack team of loving techs will nurture your strata like our own - wiping, cleaning, tuning, fixing your home tech each visit.

Our subscription tiers

Not just our own projects - we <3 all sites!

We don't just maintain our own projects after the DLP period but we also maintain sites that we didn't design and build.

If your strata needs a little TLC or you want to sleep better at night knowing your site is being cared for then let us know either directly or through your strata management agency.

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