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Large & complex building? We've got you covered!

Blitz Security are the Canberra specialist in large & complex construction for multi-story residential and commercial building installs. Our range of expertise and trusted brands means we are equipped to get your building secured and connected fast!

Embark on Northbourne in Lyneham
Embark on Northbourne

Security & Access Control

Car theft example

Large & complex buildings are our specialty and we can help you lock down your building access through industry leading systems and methodologies. Secure your garage, pedestrian thoroughfares and common areas from unwanted access and instantly lock-down your building should any credentials be compromised.

We are also uniquely positioned to offer security consumables such as cards, garage remotes and RFID tags cheaper and faster than anyone else thanks to our in-house production company Access Credentials PTY LTD.

Video & Audio Intercoms

Comelit touchscreen intercoms
Comelit Ultra range

Vetting and controlling access is an essential aspect of any commercial or residential building these days.

Our 21st century video and audio intercom systems allow your tenants to review access to the building and when connected to our access control system - unlock and allow access from any station or floor.


NX camera solutions and apps

Our state-of-the-art video monitoring systems are modular and affordable. We use Network Optix systems which offers apps to view across any platform and cloud-based management allowing strata managers to view all their sites from a single platform or grant police access to investigate for a period of time.

Our range of high-definition cameras to suit day or night vision situations, number plate recognition (NPR) or human/face detection paired with our web-based monitoring system will make you a security power-house.

Don't ever be in the dark with what's happening in your building again.

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